Adaseeds Launchpad is Ready

2 min readOct 27, 2021


We are grateful to our community that have been steadfast in the past few months as we navigate through the hurdles of delivering our launchpad and other products in our whitepaper. To get our investors and believers up to speed on the period of past couple of months, which we have been unavoidable absent with regards to feedbacks on development which is largely due to unforeseen circumstances from our platform builders. Also, please the Cardano Alonzon upgrade which isn’t yet fully operational to run a launchpad has been a bit of setback.

Again, our public sales didn’t run as expected, but with the little amount we raised, we will continue to develop this project nevertheless. There is also a chance that we will conduct further offerings in the future, perhaps on another chain — this will be decided after consultation with our investors and key members of our community.

Moving forward, here are our major updates on ADS distribution and launchpad;

ADS Distribution

We have the distributed Adaseeds token to our private and public sales participants. We created another ADS, new contract: 0x678fB9cfAb1f5b4B5852291a3aB72DE7bF648b6e. Everyone who participated in the sales should have received their tokens by now.

Adaseeds Launchpad

We are happy to announce that our launchpad has been completed and will be live on our website on Thursday, 28th October, at exactly 13:00 UTC.
We have took time to make sure that all the features contained in our whitepaper was implemented 100%. The lock functions for the 5 TIERS are as alive as ever, everything has been tested and all works fine.

Thanks to our investors and community for trusting us we hope you support us further to keep delivering and making profits for you. Our presence will be felt more on telegram and twitter moving forward.

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First Tokenised Venture Capital and Launchpad on Cardano