Adaseeds Public Sale

2 min readMay 21, 2021


Private sale concluded
We are exceptionally humbled by the commitment of our community members who trooped in to participate in our private sale on 15th May. The sale was successful and cap was reached before the 24 hours deadline. The ADS tokens will be vested with 25% released after public sale and 15% every two weeks.

Information on strategic partnership will also be released when the partnership agreements have been concluded.

Public sale rounds

Our first public sale round will be conducted on Adaseeds platform on Wednesday 26th May at 12:00 UTC. 3.5 million ADS will be available for this round at the rate of $0.09 per ADS. Only BUSD will be allowed.

Minimum allocation: 100 BUSD
Maximum allocation: 5000 BUSD

This round will be vested. 40% ADS will be released at TGE, 15% ADS will be released every two weeks.

The second round will be announced after the first round have been concluded. We’re currently in contact with Wault Finance and other notable secure IDO pads towards hosting of the second round of ADS public sale on their IDO platform.

A sneak peak of our Public sale platform

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