Introducing Adaseeds

2 min readMay 11, 2021

There is a huge gap in the cryptocurrency investment ecosystem. A significant amount of blockchain projects now conduct early-stage investment rounds such as seed funding, pre-sales, and private sales of coins or tokens. These rounds allow investors with big pockets to have access to these projects at the earliest stage of development.
However, less than 2 percent of retail investors have a bite of the opportunity to partake in early-stage rounds because they are quickly bought by big crypto funds, venture capital, and those who have access to first-class information about the project. Therefore, the crumb is left for others to fight for during public sales. If you cannot get in during the early rounds, you have lost the opportunity to earn massively.

Solving the Problem

Adaseeds is designed to correct this imbalance by tokenizing private seed investment on the blockchain. Our platform will also introduce a refined launchpad that will guarantee every holder of Adaseeds token — ADS in the 5 TIERS of token holders an allocation in all initial offerings.


Launchpad — ADS will be accessible to everyone to hold for guaranteed allocation for startups launching on our pad.

Venture Capital — We will invest in well researched private seeds. Polaris TIER holders will also be given the opportunity to get allocation in direct private seeds investment.

Staking — A portion of ADS has been allocated for the same holders who would benefit from Adaseed IDO allocations.

Pooling — Liquidity providers will earn fees from decentralized exchanges ADS/BNB, ADS/BUSD pools

Burn Mechanism — 40% of revenue from private seeds investment will be used to buy and burn ADS from exchanges, giving every holder direct profits from our investment.

Adaseeds Locker — For every project launching on our platform liquidity will be locked for minimum of 1 year on Adaseeds locker.

Our Investment Interest

We are team of traders and portfolio managers who have worked with some top venture capitals. Trading and managing different kinds of investments portfolios both tangible and non tangible derivatives is what most of us do coupled with our experience in blockchain and cryptos spanning over half a decade.

Our experiences and skills are the driving force which is motivating our research and development, hence, our investments interest on blockchain which include but are not limited to AMM, lending protocols, crosschain swaps, AI and blockchain infrastructure.

We will keep here updated on our subsequent moves — products, IDOs, investments, breakdown of the 5 tiers amongst others.

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